Car Seat Back Storage and Organizer

Product Description

Ever wondered why It doesn’t take much for your car to get cluttered and dirty? When you have to take a car full of kids here, there, and everywhere, that can easily happen. Right now there is probably a backseat full of tissues, drink boxes, pieces of chicken nuggets, trash, and more, all over the car seats and floor.

Another reason might be that the car is being used as a work van.No worries though, get this car back seat organizer and that will be a thing of the past. Hurry, these are going fast. Free Shipping if you order today!


  • Will help you keep things neat and clean
  • It has a place for everything, and you can put everything in its place 
  • Find whatever you need quickly
  • No more trash on the car floor

Type: Seat Back Bag
Material Type: Leather

    ****** Delivery: 2 - 4 weeks because of Heavy Order Volume! ******


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