Child's Car Comfort Sleep Pillow

Product Description

Is your child always falling asleep in the backseat? Let them take that much-needed nap in comfort! With the Seatbelt Pillow, they'll sleep better while in the car. Hurry, these are going fast. FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING if you order today! 

Why is the Seat-belt Pillow a must-have for your cars?


  • Comfortable - Let your kids nap comfortably in the car. The Seatbelt Pillow will support their heads while they sleep, thus making their rides more enjoyable. It also prevents neck and back pains due to awkward sleep positions.
  • Easy to Use - The Seatbelt Pillow attaches easily to the seatbelt, so it's ready in seconds! It can be easily removed for washing or if someone else in the car wants to use it. 
  • Ideal for Everyone - The Seatbelt Pillow can also be used by adults who need to take a nap in the backseat or passenger seat of the car. It even works for smaller kids who use booster seats. 
  • Portable - Want to take a pillow with you when you travel? The Seatbelt Pillow folds like a rolled up bath towel for easy storage in your luggage. You can have it as an extra pillow for lounging on the beach.

External Material: Micro-suede fabric
Internal Material: PP
Size: 28cm x 9cm x 12cm
Available Colors: Gray, Pink, Blue, Yellow, Beige

**** Delivery: 2 - 4 weeks because of Heavy Order Volume ******



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