Essential Oils for Diffuser - Lavender, Tea Tree, Rosemary, Lemongrass, Orange, Peppermint

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Great Benefits of Essential Oils: 


From the time they were discovered, essential oils are used for everything from relaxation (lavender) to pain relief (rosemary) to clearing stuffy chests (peppermint and eucalyptus). When these oils are diffused into the air, you get the benefit for hours without direct application onto your skin.


Many spas have a distinctive smell for a reason - they’re using essential oils in diffusers! Oils such as tea tree oil or lemon grass have been used for centuries to create the ambiance of a calm, safe place, and set a positive mood. It also encourages you to keep coming back for the experience.


Mosquitoes hate citronella, so it's now being marketed as a useful mosquito repellent. However, there are lots of other essential oils that work just as well to keep the bugs away, which is a good thing if you do not like the scent of citronella!

Some Essential Oils That act as Insect Repellents are:

  • Citronella and peppermint for pesky mosquitoes
  • Cedarwood and eucalyptus for fleas
  • Thyme, juniper, and rose geranium for ticks
We should mention here that while there are candles that can perform several of the same functions as the oils listed above, essential oils (especially 100% pure ones) do not contain some of the harmful chemicals found in many scented candles currently on the market.


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