Microwave Steamer

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Want to Cook any meal with just your microwave? The Microwave Steamer and Cooker is perfect for college students or those who want to cook a meal in minutes! This is a revolutionary device that cooks 3 dishes all at once in just 10 minutes. 

This microwaveable cooker is specifically designed for cooking vegetables, fish, and poultry. It's also ideal for melting butter or chocolate, heating soup, steaming veggies or even poaching chicken breasts in the microwave. 

It is designed with holes in the lid that doubles as a coriander and an avenue for steam to escape. Using the Microwave Steamer couldn't be any easier. Simply add water to the base of the container, then choose the large or small basket depending on your meal, before popping it in the microwave. Wait for your ingredients to steam to perfection. It’s just the right size for large servings and side dishes fit for the whole family!


 - Cooks 3 meals all together and come out hot all at once in just 10 minutes         - Drain in bottom for safe removal of accumulated hot liquids                                 - Cooks large one-pot dishes, time-saving money saving meals!                         -  Easy to use and clean

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Item Type: Microwave Oven Steamer
Material: Silicone
Size: 12*16*10CM
Color: Red

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