Super Liquid Ceramics Car Coating

Product Description

Still in love with your girl? You know who? The one on four wheels that takes you places! The one you share your deepest and darkest secrets with! Here is how to show some love. Get this super ceramics liquid car coating, and enhance her good looks with a coat or two.


☑️ Only 1 single application is needed and this can last for more than six months!
☑️ Extremely easy to apply by hand.
☑️ 100% colorless,non-toxic and eco-friendly.
☑️ The Ceramics Car Coating is waterproof!
☑️ One bottle is all that's needed for a single coating of 1 small/mid sized car & wheels!
☑️ This makes a great gift for a car, motorbike, truck, or boat owner!


    ☑️  1 Application Cloth
    ☑️  1 Coating Sponge
    ☑️  Bottle of Super Ceramics Car Coating

      Frequently Asked Questions:

      ☑️ What is Ceramic Polish? - A liquid polymer that is manually applied to the vehicle's exterior. The Coating creates a layer of protection, a semi-permanent chemical bond with the car's paint.

        ☑️ Can I use this on my boat? - Absolutely! The Super Ceramics coating offers protection for both the underwater and above water parts of any boat or yacht.

          ☑️ Will 1 bottle be enough? - 1 bottle of Super Ceramics Coating is enough to cover 1 small/medium sized car + wheels. If you want to cover a truck, van or other large vehicle, we suggest getting 2 bottles.

            ☑️ Can I apply on the windscreen and windows as well? - You can! Our Car Ceramics Coating can be used on your car's paint, glass,and metal.

              ☑️ How do I apply it? -  Everything you need will be provided. Wrap the cloth around the sponge. Put some of the liquid on cloth. Cover your car with the ceramic coating. Use a soft, dry towel to buff.

                ☑️ How long does the first application last? - Our Super Ceramic Car Coating can last up to 1 year! Depending on the vehicle, application and the environment we suggest that you apply a new coating every 12-16 months.

                  ☑️ What is the cost of shipping? Zero, zilch. Free Domestic Shipping

                    Get the Super Liquid Ceramic Car Polish today and protect your car  in time for winter.

                    Order today! Don't delay! 

                    ***** Delivery  2 - 4 weeks because of a Heavy Order Volume" ******


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